On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, Ron Bieszczad hosted the 2018 Newport News School Science Fair winners. Each winner received a $150 check from the Rotary Club of Newport News. Each student also presented an abridged version (5 mins) of his/her project to the club. Winners are: Wilkes Ferguson (Gildersleeve Middle) presented “Do You Truss It? How Bridge Design Affects Strength”; Georgia Danehy (Warwick HS) presented “The Quest for Gingerbread”; Jordyn Anderson (Dozier Middle) presented “Which Liquids Evaporate The Fastest?”; and Alexis Capobianco and Camden Hunt (Menchville HS) presented a team project entitled “Combating Stomach Acid with Dairy Products: A Study of Probiotic Growth”. Pictured l-r: Club President Tim Ryan, Georgia Danehy, Alexis Capobianco, Camden Hunt, Wilkes Ferguson, Jordyn Anderson, and Ron Bieszczad.