The Rotary Club of Newport News was delighted to host Jack Gelman, the esteemed founder of Gelman and Associates. Recently spoke to the club’s members about the transformative power of Peer Advisory Groups.

Gelman, a renowned expert in business strategy, shared his insights on the benefits of creating a “brain-trust of colleagues whose only agenda is to be helpful to each other.” He explained that Peer Advisory Groups provide a unique support system for professionals, enabling them to address challenges, share ideas, and work together to find solutions.

During the engaging talk, Jack emphasized the importance of maintaining total confidentiality within these groups. By fostering an environment of trust, group members can candidly discuss critical issues, explore options, and resolve problems without the fear of external scrutiny. This secure atmosphere encourages open communication and collaboration, leading to better decision-making and more effective solutions.

Jack also highlighted the “magic of accountability” in achieving desired results. By setting clear goals and expectations within a Peer Advisory Group, members hold each other accountable for their commitments. This accountability fuels motivation and personal growth, ultimately helping individuals achieve their full potential.

The Rotary Club of Newport News extends its gratitude to Jack Gelman for his enlightening presentation. His expertise and enthusiasm for Peer Advisory Groups have inspired our members to harness the power of collaboration and accountability to drive professional success.

On Wednesday, March 29th, our club will visit An Achievable Dream to experience the program firsthand.

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