The Rotary Club of Newport News recently hosted a unique discussion featuring Kalen Hammann, founder of Fifteen Frogs Consulting. Hammann, a renowned relationship expert, specializes in helping individuals and teams unblock their natural flow, recovering their innate capacity for building satisfying and productive relationships, both personally and professionally. We gained valuable insights into fostering resilience, problem-solving, and cultivating overall well-being in the face of adversity.

During the workshop, Hammann demonstrated how seemingly unrelated objects like teddy bears and snow globes can play a crucial role in saving a marriage. By using these items as metaphors for emotional connection and clarity, couples are encouraged to approach their relationships with a renewed sense of understanding and empathy.

The teddy bear metaphor represents how we often gain or perceive emotional safety and support in a relationship. While the ‘teddy bear’— is viewed as a symbol of comfort and security, the bear itself doesn’t have power or give security, it’s just our perception. One’s partner in a marriage works the same way, one needs to gain happiness within one’s self, not necessarily from their partner.

In contrast, the snow globe metaphor emphasizes the importance of seeing the bigger picture in a relationship. By shaking a snow globe, individuals can’t see through the stormy and chaotic nature of what’s happening within the snow globe. However, as the snowflakes settle, it becomes easier to see through the calm and beauty that lies when you take a moment for the snow to settle. Hammann encourages couples to adopt this perspective, allowing them to overcome obstacles and find tranquility amidst turbulence.

We all left our meeting feeling inspired and equipped with practical tools for nurturing their relationships. The innovative approach of using teddy bears and snow globes to facilitate communication and connection has resonated with many, illustrating the potential for fresh strategies in strengthening marriages.

The Rotary Club of Newport News is proud to have hosted this transformative event, which aligns with its ongoing mission to create positive change in the community. As part of their continued commitment to fostering personal and professional development, they look forward to offering similar events in the future.