By Tim Ryan

This past meeting at the Rotary Club of Newport News was truly special, filled with both enlightening insights from our guest speaker and recognition for our club’s hard work.

A Talk that Hit Home: Kelley Nichols from ECHO Family Care Partners

We had the pleasure of hosting Kelley Nichols, co-founder and Program Director for ECHO Family Care Partners. Kelley spoke passionately about ECHO’s mission to support vulnerable families impacted by isolation and the foster care system in Coastal Virginia.

Key Takeaways from Kelley’s Presentation:

Emergency Resources: ECHO provides critical items such as beds, car seats, diapers, and formula. These essentials often prevent children from being taken away from their families or help them return home.

Diaper Distribution: ECHO’s monthly diaper distribution has reached a remarkable half a million diapers in just two years. Still, this meets only about 20% of the community’s needs.

The Importance of Diapers: The availability of diapers is crucial for family stability. Lack of diapers can lead caregivers to miss work, putting families at risk of eviction, homelessness, and further involvement with the foster care system.

Celebrating Our Achievements: The Rotary Citation Award

In recognition of our club’s dedication and hard work, Immediate Past Governor of District 7600 Kenny Janes presented the Rotary Citation Award to Immediate Past President Tim Ryan. The Rotary Citation is the most prestigious award a Rotary club can earn, and it reflects our commitment to engaging members, staying relevant in our community, and operating efficiently.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Our club thrives on the participation and dedication of its members. If you’re interested in contributing to meaningful community projects and aspire to make a real impact, consider joining the Rotary Club of Newport News. We always welcome new members who share our commitment to fostering positive change.

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See you at our next meeting!