By Tim Ryan

A Day of Learning and Giving Back

On November 21, the Rotary Club of Newport News gathered for a session that was not just another weekly meeting but a confluence of inspiration, learning, and community service. The highlight was an engaging presentation by Jeff Mingee, a renowned local author and speaker. Mingee, a familiar face in Newport News, is known for his profound impact on leadership and digital wellness.

Jeff Mingee: A Local Beacon of Leadership and Digital Wisdom

Jeff Mingee, a graduate and active alum of Christopher Newport University (CNU), is a testament to the power of local roots growing into widespread influence. His journey from founding Catalyst Church to his current role as the Southeast Regional Strategist for the SBC of Virginia exemplifies a commitment to community and leadership. His latest book, “Digital Dominion,” underlines his focus on developing healthy digital habits.

Three Key Takeaways on Digital Health

Mingee’s presentation was a treasure trove of insights, but three major points stood out:

  1. The Importance of Digital Inventory: Understanding our digital footprint and its impact on our lives is crucial. It’s the first step towards digital health.
  2. Unhealthy Digital Habits and Team Dynamics: Recognizing how our digital behaviors can divide or weaken team cohesion is vital for any leader.
  3. Healthy Digital Habits in Pursuing Goals: Cultivating positive digital habits can be a significant catalyst in achieving our personal and professional aspirations.

These lessons are theoretical and practical tools for personal growth and organizational development.

Beyond the Meeting: Coats for Children and Support for Families

The Rotary Club’s spirit of service was fully displayed after the meeting. The club delivered coats to Saunders Elementary School, ensuring warmth for children in need during winter. The day concluded with setting up the Salvation Army warehouse for the Angel Tree program preparing over 600 bags for families in our area. These acts of kindness encapsulate the club’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the community.

Join the Movement of Service and Impact

The Rotary Club of Newport News stands as a beacon of service in Virginia and as an inspiration globally. The club demonstrates that change starts at home and resonates worldwide by focusing on local and international projects. Your involvement can be a part of this transformative journey. Join us in our mission to uplift communities and foster a world of greater understanding, health, and compassion.

Join us and be part of a movement that believes in action, learning, and the power of community to create a better world.