We were honored to welcome Susan Oglinsky, President and CEO of Blue Heron Enterprises, LLC, as our guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Newport News. She shared insights about the Bethea Family Foundation’s upcoming SafeHaven Empowerment Center, which is set to open in August 2024. As a driving force behind this initiative, Susan outlined how the Center will provide enrichment opportunities and resources to empower youth in the Newport News community. The SafeHaven Empowerment Center, located in the North District, will offer educational programs, mentorship, and family support services, all aiming to inspire hope and success in future generations.

During her talk, she emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to reinvesting in the community through partnerships and collaboration. The Bethea Family Foundation, led by Antoine and Samantha Bethea, is guided by core values like accountability, collaboration, education, and sustainability. Susan’s presentation shed light on how the SafeHaven Empowerment Center aligns with these values, promising to be a transformative hub for community development.

She also highlighted the remarkable achievements of Antoine Bethea, a Super Bowl XLI champion and two-time Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year awardee. This rich legacy underscores the Foundation’s dedication to philanthropy and community impact.

Our club members were inspired by Susan’s passion and vision for empowering local youth and fostering partnerships that will strengthen our community. We left the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future of Newport News.