This week the Rotary Club of Newport News welcomed Greg Bicouvaris. Greg talked to us about changes in broadcasting and its future. Greg has been in Broadcasting since he was a student at George Mason University. He has worked both on the air and behind the scenes. Some of his highlights include being the owner of GJB Productions & Marketing, which produces media content and does media buying for his clients.

Greg has also been the stage manager for Fox, CBS, and various TV networks since the late 1980s, including the NFL, College Football, and NCAA Basketball. He has worked with Jim Nantz, Joe Buck, and Verne Lundquist, just to name a few.

With Greg’s expertise, he shared how broadcasting has evolved from watching sports on traditional channels on television to watching sports on network-specific apps such as ESPN+, Amazon Prime, and the Peacock network. “How we watch TV has forever changed and will continue to evolve with technology,” Greg shared.

Thank you for an entertaining presentation, Greg!

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