This week the Rotary Club of Newport News hosted Kirk Cox, the president of the Virginia Business Higher Education Council. Kirk talked to us about the importance of higher education and ensuring those who graduate from Virginia’s colleges and universities find employment within Virginia. Currently, many of the students that are graduating from our higher education systems are finding employment out of the state, and that contributes to a term that we call “brain drain.”

VBHEC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan partnership between Virginia’s business community and higher ed leadership, VBHEC’s mission is to enhance the performance of Virginia’s public colleges, universities, and community colleges and their funding by the state government so they can produce the greatest possible positive impact on Virginia’s economy.

VBHEC is committed to educating the public about higher education’s crucial role in Virginia’s economy, and it strives to secure the support needed for the Commonwealth’s colleges, universities, and community colleges to rank among the nation’s best.

If you are a business owner or if you have a business that is seeking interns or hiring employees directly out of college, Kirk is the person that you want to talk to. You can contact Kirk directly as they have a portal of resources so you can connect with the school or type of student that you are looking for.

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