By Tim Ryan

If you were one of the fortunate few at the Rotary Club of Newport News meeting this past week, then you know the atmosphere was filled with anticipation. The reason? We had the incredible opportunity to host the Honorable Angela F. Reason, the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Newport News, as our guest speaker.

The Office and its Role 🏛️
Angela dived right into the extensive and significant role her office plays in the lives of Newport News citizens. Did you know that the Clerk’s Office is one of the oldest in the country, dating back to 1619? With more than 800 duties, the office is a powerhouse of functions ranging from probate matters to name changes. Angela made it clear how crucial the Clerk’s role is in ensuring efficient administration and access to justice for all residents.

Embracing Modern Technology 🖥️
Angela’s not just about maintaining the old ways, though. She’s a fervent advocate for modernizing the Clerk’s Office through technology. Imagine a future where technology simplifies those traditionally complex tasks—Angela is making that future a reality. She discussed initiatives to move away from paper-heavy processes to more streamlined digital solutions.

Community Above All 🤝
Community outreach initiatives are close to Angela’s heart. She’s the brain behind “Conversations with the Clerk,” an interactive dialogue focused on educating the public about the services provided by her office. Her commitment extends far beyond her desk job—serving on multiple boards, Angela is deeply connected to the Newport News community.

A Glimpse into Angela’s Life 🌟
Away from her official duties, Angela is a youth mentor, women’s empowerment coach, and a volunteer at local events. She’s passionate about promoting healthy relationships and offering job readiness workshops.

Why It Matters 💡
Not every day, we connect with someone who holds a vital role in our community. Angela’s talk was not just a lesson in civics but an inspiring glimpse into what dedicated, community-focused leadership looks like.

We left the meeting with facts and a newfound appreciation for the countless ways Angela and her office touch our lives—making Newport News a better place, one deed, one marriage license, and one community event at a time.

We hope to see you at the next Rotary Club meeting, where we continue to learn, grow, and serve our community!