Norm Effinger, a leader of the local Sea Scouts, recently shared his experiences with the Rotary Club of Newport News. He spoke about how scouting has helped him make important decisions throughout his life and the organization’s impact on the youth involved.

Bob Killebrew, Norm Effinger, and Tim Ryan standing

Bob Killebrew, Norm Effinger, and Tim Ryan

Effinger emphasized the importance of teaching children resiliency and ethical decision-making. He explained that as a child, he fell back on the ethical learning he received as a Boy Scout when he faced difficult decisions. Effinger stated that he is most interested in helping children grow up responsibly than them becoming sailors.

Effinger discussed the Sea Scouts’ upcoming trip to Philmont, a high-adventure base in New Mexico. He noted that the goal of the trip is to get the kids in shape and help them understand how to take care of themselves independently. The trip includes rigorous training in backpacking and other skills.

The Sea Scouts are a co-ed organization that focuses on teaching children skills related to boating and the sea. The group has four ranks: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster. Quartermaster is the highest rank and requires advanced boating and leadership skills.

Effinger stated that the Sea Scouts partner with various organizations, including local Parks and Recreation departments and the United States Coast Guard. The group also does outreach to other Scout troops, taking them out on the water for a day.

Effinger emphasized the need for fundraising to help cover the costs of the Philmont trip, which is expected to cost around $2,800 per person. He stated that while some families can afford to send their children on expensive trips, the Sea Scouts aim to help all children, regardless of their financial situation.

Overall, Effinger’s presentation highlighted the importance of organizations like the Sea Scouts in teaching children valuable skills and values. His message of resiliency and ethical decision-making resonated with the Rotary Club members and provided valuable insight into the work being done by the Sea Scouts. Norm was invited to speak at our club by Bob Killebrew.

Woody Andrews, Terri Ryan, Tim Ryan standing

Woody Andrews, Terri Ryan, and Tim Ryan

Terri Ryan was recognized as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow for her outstanding contributions to the community through her work with the Rotary Club of Newport News and Rotary International. The Paul Harris Fellowship is among the highest honors bestowed by Rotary International and recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Terri Ryan’s dedication and commitment to service have positively impacted countless lives, and her recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow is well-deserved.

As a Paul Harris Fellow, Terri Ryan joins a prestigious group of individuals who have made significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation’s mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace. Her recognition serves as a testament to the importance of service and the impact that can be made through community involvement. Terri Ryan’s commitment to service through the Rotary Club of Newport News inspires others to make a positive difference in their communities. The Rotary Club of Newport News and the community are fortunate to have individuals like Terri Ryan, who dedicate their time and resources to improving the world. Congratulations, Terri!