We experienced another amazing lunch and despite being election day, there was no politics, just great fellowship.

It’s a safe bet that everyone in attendance was moved by our guest speaker, Rosemary Trible.  We learned about the Fear 2 Freedom organization and how they help so many in a time of great need.  Rosemary turned a fearful and unfortunate experience into an organization that delivers great good to so many. Be sure to visit http://fear2freedom.org/ to learn more and support this meaningful cause.

We also welcomed Scott Ellis into the club, as our newest member.  Scott brings a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to become more involved with our community.  Welcome Scott!

Was there a winner in the 50/50 raffle?  Lots of tickets were purchased, hopes were high and…. There as NO winner this week.  The pot continues to grow as the deck of cards continues to shrink.

Be sure to join us next week! until then, have a great Rotarian week!!!