Rotary International kicked off their new year on July 1st. The Rotary Club of Newport News kicked off the new year with special guest, Bert Schmidt, the President and CEO of WHRO.

Club President, Tim Ryan with WHRO President & CEO, Bert Schmidt.

Bert’s message was extremely well received by our club members, many of which are loyal views and listeners of WHRO. We learned how WHRO Public Media improves the civic, educational and cultural life of the citizens of Eastern Virginia through the production and distribution of important and impactful local, national, and educational content. WHRO which stands for “Home Room One” support all of the school divisions in the Hampton Roads region.

We also learned how instrumental WHRO was during COVID and how they stepped up with an innovative twist to help educate students across the region. WHRO also develops numerous courses for children to take at all grade levels. Courses range from foreign language to history and mathematics.

If you would like to hear from speakers like Bert and learn more about your community, we invite you to join us at an upcoming meeting. The Rotary Club of Newport News meets every Tuesday, from 12:00 – 1:00 pm at the James River Country Club. All are welcome and all are welcome to join our club. If you’re interested in earning more contact us here.