The Rotary Club of Newport News has always been a strong supporter of community development and education. This time, we took our commitment to the next level by visiting An Achievable Dream Academy, a local school dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities for students facing social, economic, and academic challenges. The visit aimed to better understand how the academy operates, meet the students and foster a sense of community involvement and leadership.

The day began by welcoming the An Achievable Dream Academy students. The morning greetings welcoming of each student are unique to An Achievable Dream Academy. Greeting each student with a cheerful “Good Morning!” serves as a check-in and teaches each student to make eye contact and how to greet individuals properly.

We then attended the morning assembly. Achievable Dream students participate in the morning program each morning. This is a positive and uplifting start to the day. They recite the banners and positive affirmations that remind them of the school’s beliefs and expectations and receive a uniform inspection.

We concluded our visit with an overview of the school’s mission, programs, and achievements. Our Rotary Club members were genuinely inspired by students and the academy’s unique approach to education, focusing on nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success both academically and socially.

The visit by the Rotary Club of Newport News to An Achievable Dream Academy demonstrated the organization’s commitment to education and community development. Our passion for making a difference in the lives of young people was evident throughout our visit, and the connections formed between the Rotary Club members and the students will undoubtedly have a lasting impact. As the students of An Achievable Dream Academy continue to work towards their dreams, they can now look to the Rotary Club of Newport News as a source of inspiration and support.

You can visit their website here for more information about An Achievable Dream.